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Rain Water

Rain water tanks are compulsory for new builds in the ACT. They're also a great way to save water for homes new and old. You can use the link below to start sizing your own tank! If you're thinking about getting one installed it is a great platform to go shopping from and see what you require.

Talk to us about the many uses of rain water that are permitted in the ACT and let us help you find the best pump and accessories to effectively use your gathered rain water.

Grey water systems

Greywater is wastewater from your hand basin, shower, bath, spa bath, washing machine, laundry tub, kitchen sink and dishwasher. It differs from blackwater, which is wastewater from your toilet, urinal and bidet and cannot be recycled in the ACT.

On average, a two to three person Canberra household generates 180 litres of greywater per day from the hand basin, shower and bath and 120 litres of greywater from the laundry every day. 

The simplest systems simply divert greywater from the laundry or bathroom straight on to your garden or lawn. Or we can help you put it back in to use for washing your clothes and flushing your toilet

Solar hot water

Solar hot water harnesses Canberra's endless sunny days and saves you significant amounts on your power bills. Evacuated tube systems work best in Canberra's climate, so keep an eye out for them if you're considering your options. We can help you with the sizing and design out of your system to get maximum performance out of your solar hot water system.

Sadly, there are no ACT Government specific rebates for solar hot water at the moment. But you can still save money and energy by installing an energy conserving hot water system

. STC's are still available in all states in Australia which will give you a rebate on your purchase amount, use the tools below to see how much you can save! 

Water efficiency

Water efficiency is one of the simplest steps you can take to reduce water use and save money, it is also one of the most cost effective it can be as simple as changing a shower head.

If you have a small business, the ACT's Business Energy and Water Program provides rebates of up to $5000 for eligible ACT small businesses wanting to upgrade to more water efficient and energy-efficient technologies.

Gas installation and repairs

Here are some great energy efficient gas product's to keep your eye on:




New builds

Remember, all new builds, redevelopments or extensive renovations need to meet an ACT Government water efficiency target. You can meet the target simply by choosing a rainwater tank or a grey water system. 

Thinking of heating and cooling for your new home? Have a look at Hydronic options. It is clean allergy free and an efficient way to heat an entire home of any size. There are plenty of options for solar boosting and customisation depending on your needs.